There were some very weird police calls in St. Paul last weekend

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St. Paul had more than its share of bizarre police reports during August's first weekend.
On Monday mornings, crime reporters for the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press head to their respective city halls and check out police reports from over the weekend.

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In some cases, the ink-stained pixel-stained wretches tweet out summaries of weird police reports worthy of 140 characters but not necessarily a full story. And judging by what the Strib's Nicole Norfleet and PiPress's Richard Chin offered up today, this weekend was apparently an especially big one for bizarre behavior in St. Paul.

Here's a sampling: More on that same incident from Norfleet: In other news... Chin noted that report too, but omitted mention of the crucial "POOPY HEAD" detail: And another... (UPDATE: Read more about this incident here.) Norfleet's tweets might contain a bit more humor, but on the other hand Chin did pick up on some interesting ones from over the weekend that his Strib counterpart missed: This one, however, takes the cake (or pie): Some might say it's just another morning in the life of a crime reporter following just another weekend in the big city.

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