Tim Pawlenty jokes about punching homeless woman

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T-Paw continues to have trouble finding his comedic niche.
Tim Pawlenty has been receiving some blowback today for cracking wise on Twitter about throwing punches at a homeless woman who was recently arrested for vandalizing several D.C. landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial.

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Does T-Paw deserve to feel some heat, or is this a case of political correctness run amok? You be the judge.

Here's T-Paw's controversial tweet: And here's some of the blowback: Of course, not everyone was offended: Other responded to T-Paw's joke with jokes of their own (for context about the tweet below, read this): In any event, between this and his job working as a lobbyist for some of America's biggest banks, Pawlenty can't be too concerned about his approval rating with poor voters these days.

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