Two dead following shooting in Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis

Fox 9 screengrab
The location of last night's shooting.
Two adult men are dead following a shooting in an alley between the 2600 blocks of Cedar and 18th Avenues in the Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis.

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According to numerous reports, an adult woman and a teen girl were also injured in the shooting, which took place around 8:30 p.m. yesterday. Those two victims were transported to HCMC and are expected to live.

No arrests have been made yet in connection with the incident, and police ask anyone with information to call 612-692-8477.

Details are scant at this point, but reports indicate the two men who were killed were found inside the bullet-ridden silver SUV that can be seen in this Fox 9 screengrab:


Police told reporters they don't think the shooting was random and don't believe the public is at risk, despite the fact that the suspect or suspects responsible for the shooting remain at large.

The identities of the victims haven't yet been released.

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White people made them do it. Shame on the white people responsible for this incident.


who cares

Melanie Lawrence
Melanie Lawrence

I drove past all this hubub around 9:30, and could tell something bad had happened. TV reporters, people all over, and cop cars. So sad to hear that lives were lost.


@citypages There's something segregationist in lay-out of Mpls., south of K-Mart on Lake St. Right down to the Nicollet Ave. cut-off.


@ahuntre @citypages 

Are you implying that there is explicit rasicm in Minneapolis based on where people live? Would it not be more logical to conclude that a large amount of blacks live in these neighborhoods because white people cannot sell or rent out their houses to no one else than the black people on section eight?

I do not think that this was deliberately done by anyone. Look at what the Hispanic population did to East lake street! From 2000 to the present, they came in and basically revitalized this neighborhood!

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