Utah man on MSP flight says he's not a perv, he just got peppermint oil on his junk

The Smoking Gun
After he felt "burning," Clarke, in his own words, "removed his penis from the inside of his pants."
The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating a Utah man for whipping it out during a flight last November from MSP to Salt Lake City. (Shouldn't they be after Al-Qaeda or something?)

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The man, 48-year-old Stuart Clarke, was on the second leg of a flight from Amsterdam back to Utah when the incident occurred. He doesn't dispute that his penis saw the light of the aircraft's cabin. But questioned about what happened by a member of the FBI Task Force two days later, he offered up a classic explanation for why he let it hang out.

According to an FBI search warrant application filed earlier this week, Clarke told the FBI he had a headache in Amsterdam and "decided to rub 'peppermint oil' on his forehead" in hopes it might bring relief.

Once the plane was up in the air, Clarke had to pee, and in the airport lavatory, disaster struck -- he accidentally got some of the oil he'd put on his forehead on his Johnson.

But it only became problematic hours later, after the second leg of Clarke's journey departed from MSP. We'll let the Smoking Gun tell the story from there:
As Clarke tells it, he apparently was on the final leg of his journey home when he began suffering from an irritated crotch. Clarke--who recalled that he was seated with a coat over himself to keep warm--told [an FBI agent] that he "began 'scratching and adjusting' his groin area due to being uncomfortable from the peppermint oil." When the cop asked why he did not go to the bathroom to "fix the problem," Clarke replied that it "would not have made it better," adding that "water makes it worse."

Seeking further relief, Clarke then unfastened two buttons on his button fly pants, placed his right hand inside his underwear, and, as he told [the FBI], "removed his penis from the inside of his pants." It was after this final adjustment that Clarke's female row mate noticed his unencumbered unit.
Suspicions were further, um, aroused when Clarke bolted from the Salt Lake City airport immediately after his flight landed without even picking up his checked luggage. The FBI seized his bags as part of their investigation, and sure enough, inside them they found oils like the one Clarke says he inadvertently got on his junk.

But the FBI apparently doesn't buy that an oil applied over Europe would cause so much discomfort during a subsequent flight cruising over the middle of America.

"The warrant alleges that there is probable cause to show that the oils will provide evidence of a misdemeanor crime committed on the aircraft," the Daily Mail reports.

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Stuttering John
Stuttering John

Tiger balm is defiantly not for the genitals. This story is out of control. Hot pepper parts on your parts is also terrible. If this guy didn't look like the type a guy to pull his Johnson out on a plane maybe people would believe him.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

We are going to need the judge and investigating police officers to put this peppermint oil on their junk.  For science.  Yeah, that's the ticket. They gotta do it to find out the truth.  

Tim Burkhardt
Tim Burkhardt

Reminds me of the Icy-Hot incident of Hinckley in 2003.

Brian Steidl
Brian Steidl

How do you get anything on your junk in the first place? sounds lilke a wide stance issue

Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell

The oil doesn't heat up automatically so it probably took 2 or 3 hours for to warm up plus she was covered to keep warm excelerate it once she got mid air nothing wrong with that should never with the front of anybody though

Kris Kaiser
Kris Kaiser

Plausible, sure. Outrageous, absolutely!

Joan Scanlan
Joan Scanlan

sounds like that guy from Sons of Anarchy!

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