Adrian Peterson's daughter can't believe Vikings lost to the lowly Browns

AP has an adorable son and a daughter who is apparently a budding NFL analyst.
Adrian Peterson is hard on himself. But apparently not as hard as his kids are.

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Hours after AP turned in a relatively pedestrian performance (88 rushing yards on 25 carries, 27 yards receiving, one touchdown, one fumble lost) during the Vikings' heartbreaking 31-27 loss to Cleveland -- a team widely regarded as one of the worst in the league -- AP's daughter offered this reaction to daddy's disappointing day: It was just a bad morning and afternoon all around for the Vikings, who now head to London for a "home game" (thanks Zygi!) at 0-3 and absolutely needing a win to save their season against the equally desperate (and equally winless) Pittsburgh Steelers.

Just don't say nobody warned you!

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Goes to show that an MVP running back can't carry a team and why the browns dumped Trich. 


Not to worry. When the Vikes get their new stadium, they're a lock to win the Super Bowl, Zygi promised!

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