Anarae Schunk left with ex after he allegedly murdered man in parking lot, charges say [UPDATE]

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The most recent mugshots of Shavelle Chavez-Nelson (left) and his girlfriend, Ashley Conrade.
:::: UPDATE II :::: Anarae Schunk was murdered, but her body hasn't been found, police say

:::: UPDATE, September 28 ::::

Anarae Schunk is dead, her family said this morning.

From a post on the "Please Help Find Anarae Schunk" Facebook page:
Late last night Police confirmed the worst, Anarae is no longer with us. We will leave the page up as a tribute to all the wonderful people who loved and cared for Anarae and all that she stands for. Thank you for your support throughout. Official details to be released by the PD shortly.
Original post -- Today, Shavelle Chavez-Nelson was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 23-year-old Palagor Jobi, who was shot eight times in the parking lot of Nina's Grill in Burnsville early Sunday morning.

THE BACKSTORY: Search is on for Anarae Schunk, U of M student last seen with Burnsville murder suspect

As we told you about yesterday (see link above), Chavez-Nelson is also a "person of interest" in the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old University of Minnesota student Anarae Schunk. According to investigators, following the murder, Schunk left Nina's parking lot with Chavez-Nelson and his girlfriend, 24-year-old Ashley Conrade.

Authorities say the incident began when Jobi attempted to talk to Conrade at Nina's. Chavez-Nelson told him to leave his girlfriend alone. The Pioneer Press explains how it escalated from there to murder:
An argument broke out, and despite one of Jobi's cousins attempts to defuse it, the argument over Conrade continued. Then Jobi punched Chavez-Nelson, and both went sprawling in the parking lot.

The scene went quiet for a moment, and then witnesses heard gunshots and saw flashes.

Another witness saw Jobi go down. He died in the parking lot, police say. Multiple witnesses identified Chavez-Nelson as the shooter, according to the charges.
Jobi's cousin was able to wrestle the gun away, but Chavez-Nelson picked it up before fleeing the scene. A Star Tribune report picks up the chain of events from there (as explained to investigators by Conrade) and details the last information authorities have about Schunk's whereabouts:
Anarae Schunk
Conrade later told police that she, Nelson and Schunk left in Conrade's car. Nelson drove around the block and parked in a cul-de-sac, where he was able to see the bar's parking lot. When police arrived, he and the women went to Conrade's home in the 14500 block of Shannon Parkway in Rosemount, where Nelson stayed until his arrest. Neither the complaint against Nelson nor the one against Conrade says when Schunk left or what happened to her.
Shunck's cell phone was turned off just after 9 p.m., shortly after she sent a text message to her mother and a friend in Wisconsin that said, "I love you." The murder in Nina's parking lot happened hours later.

In addition to the murder charge facing Chavez-Nelson, Conrade has been charged with a felony count of aiding an offender.

Meanwhile, the search for Schunk continues. In a statement released this afternoon, her brother said, "What we are asking now is for full public disclosure of any and all information that could prove helpful in locating Anarae and an official embrace of public engagement in the recovery efforts... It has now been over 96 hours since Anarae was last seen on camera. We are fighting against the clock and need all hands on deck to bring her home safely."

But Burnsville Sergeant Rory Bochniak told the Strib the last thing police want is for "the public to go out and contaminate crime scenes."

:::: UPDATE ::::

Fox 9's Tim Blotz reports that Chavez-Nelson was released from jail just a week ago: -- Follow Aaron Rupar on Twitter at @atrupar. Got a tip? Drop him a line at

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Misty Jolly Aoudia
Misty Jolly Aoudia

Why would she give this man anything? Some women, for all their book smarts, have no streets about them. And these men know this..and can con someone into giving them 5000. S

Kris Dionne
Kris Dionne

Minnesota has become a dangerous place if you're wantin to leave your significant other...this story matches too many told this year already.

Katsi Duzynski
Katsi Duzynski

it's a shame things got all tangled up the way they did. Someone definitely will have to make amends for their actions ... hoping the family gets closure as to the daughter whom disappeared ...

Shelly Plaistow Jackson
Shelly Plaistow Jackson

So very sad. I can't seem to find anything that says how they can confirm that she is deceased? Her poor family:(

Shelly Plaistow Jackson
Shelly Plaistow Jackson

I totally get it Steve. But..I am wondering sometimes if people "like" a status, in order to keep it in the feed. The more people comment or like something, it goes to the more people will see it?

Steve Rood
Steve Rood

Who the hell likes a status update like this? You people have a serious screw loose.


So they let this dude go on 25k bail.  I hope that's 10% of a total of 250k.  But from the looks of it this was 25k total and he was let go after paying a BS amount of 2500. 


The sad lesson here is that the company that you keep, will dictate the outcome of your life. And since she has not been heard from in over 96 hours, the company that she kept most likely contributed to her death. 


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