Andrew Dikken arrested two weeks after allegedly murdering ex and her boyfriend

Andrew Dikken
After two weeks on the lam, Andrew Dikken is finally in custody.

THE BACKSTORY: Andrew Dikken still on loose after allegedly murdering ex, shooting her current boyfriend

Dikken, 28, was initially named as a "person of interest" in connection with the fatal September 2 shootings of his ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Kara Monson, and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Christopher Panitzke (Panitzke died in the hospital about a week later -- Monson was dead at the scene). A warrant was issued for Dikken's arrest last week but he remained unaccounted for until he showed up at the Renville County Sheriff's Office around 3 p.m. yesterday.

In comments made to reporters shortly after the shootings, officials said the suspect broke into Monson's Granite Falls home in the middle of the night and opened fire. People who know Dikken said he and Monson had broken up in the spring and he was struggling to get past it.

A Fox 9 report details the circumstances of Dikken's arrest:
Officials say Dikken was brought to the Sheriff's Office by family members who have cooperated with the investigation and helped search for him over the past two weeks...

A $1,000 reward was offered for information leading to Dikken's arrest. It is not yet known if anyone will be collecting that sum.
Kara Monson (left) and Christopher Panitzke

Monson leaves behind a five-year-old daughter. In a statement, her family said they are "greatly relieved" to learn Dikken is in custody.

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swmnguy topcommenter

What para-militaristic mutilator of the English Language came up with the phrase "Person Of Interest?"  What a crock.  This guy Dikken was what has always been known as THE Suspect, as in, the only person anybody thinks did this.  

On another note, I'm surprised he's alive.  I grew up in that area, and I know where his truck was found.  It's the only isolated wooded area in that whole region, in the Minnesota River valley.  When I drive down to visit my parents I go out of way to take county roads through there because it's beautiful.  It's also a place where a guy who just killed his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend would go to kill himself.  But maybe a "Person Of Interest" behaves differently.

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