Archbishop John Nienstedt blames the devil for sodomy, condoms and marriage equality

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John Nienstedt, the Archbishop of Minneapolis and St. Paul, was the subject of our June 20, 2012, cover story.
The devil be damned. First he created sodomy, abortion, contraception and pornography as forces of societal destruction. Now he has dissolved marriage.

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At least that's the way John Nienstedt, the Archbishop of Minneapolis and St. Paul, sees things. On Aug. 2, one day after the state started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, he uttered these words at the Napa Institute:
The source of these machinations is none other than the Father of Lies. Satan knows all too well the value that family contributes to the fabric of the good, as well as through the future of God's work on earth.
No surprise here. Nienstedt has been saying these things for years.

In 2013, we bestowed on him the title of Best Villain of the Twin Cities. Throughout the marriage equality debate, he used his position to bully proponents and demonize fellow Catholics who disagreed with him. He donated more than $650,000 of church money to the anti-gay-marriage cause.

This week, David Badash, founder of The New Civil Rights Movement blog, described Nienstedt's speech as "the perfect example of a backwards theorem: come up with arguments to support your overarching belief, rather than look at reality and deduce what is right from there."

Judge for yourself.

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On what authority does man who prides himself of never having sex with a woman have any say in marriage matters?!


I'm thinking decades of child rape and sodomy, performed by a person in a position of trust, and the far-reaching consequences of all those added transgressions just MIGHT< be a wee bit further up the evil ladder of social harm than whether or not I suck the occasional dick.  And they wonder why they are losing followers in the RCC, gee, umm.... maybe try focusing on that which people can do for themselves to make a better relationship with their God, and leave the moral judgements to people who live in the real world.


We atheists support marriage equality.

Christians oppose it.

We atheists are morally superior.


Archbishop John Nienstedt, you are not a true man of  God.

Jim McFarlane
Jim McFarlane

FFS. Life must be easy if you just classify everything you dislike under the doings of the bogeyman. Except, I presume, for when it's time to get on the personal responsibility soapbox.


LOL at the grown man in the silly little outfit who blames social progress on a magical monster who lives in a mythical realm. And LOL at his followers who buy (literally/figuratively) his crap.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

If I want advice about sex and what is morally right the last people I turn to are lifelong virgins who helped pedophiles escape justice and molest kids.    Why does anyone care what these criminal freaks think?    The Pope is helping Cardinal Bernard Law escape justice.   Pope Benedict helped cover up the sexual abuse of deaf orphans.   If you pitched that idea to Satan he would be like "no way dude, that is way too evil."  

Drewey topcommenter

I just don't understand how an intelligent person can subscribe to this bullshit.

ajlalk3 topcommenter

Oh religion, is there anything you don't hate?


@pierrejc2 As an atheist, It's worth noting that not every Christian is against gay marriage and not every atheist is for gay marriage. We certainly support it in general, but we certainly do not have the numbers to pull off a nation 53% approval rating on legal gay marriage. Credit belongs where credit is due.

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