Autumn Mason charged in connection with crash that killed 92-year-old St. Paul biker

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Autumn Mason (left) and Roy Kromschroeder.
Autumn Mason, 26, has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed 92-year-old motorcyclist Roy Kromschroeder.

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Kromschroeder, a lifelong resident of St. Paul's East Side and a World War II veteran, was riding his 2003 Honda Road Start motorcycle through the intersection of Prosperity and Ivy avenues in St. Paul around 7:45 a.m. last Friday when he was struck by a 2000 Dodge Durango SUV allegedly driven by Mason.

The Star Tribune, citing the criminal complaint, reports that following the crash, a witness saw Mason stop her vehicle and get out to quickly check out Kromschroeder before driving off. Her license plate was found at the scene.

KSTP reports that Mason has previous convictions for prostitution, DWI, theft, and endangering the safety of others. But her aunt, Mary Molin-Thomas, told the Pioneer Press that Autumn was simply blinded by the sun when the accident occurred. Another aunt, Beatrice Molin, told the PiPress Autumn is "so distraught" over what happened and "just panicked" when she decided to flee the scene.

Kromschroeder's son, Jim, told KSTP his father had been riding since the 1960s, always wore a helmet, and was never involved in an crash before last Friday, when he was hit on his way to the Maplewood Mall for his regular walking outing with friends. His longtime biking companion was his wife, Lorraine, who died in 2011. The Pioneer Press reports that after Lorraine's death, Kromschroeder began dating a woman who recently turned 100.

"He was the youngest 92-year-old you've ever seen," Kromschroeder's daughter Jan Braaten told the PiPress. "He was like a 70-year-old."

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swmnguy topcommenter

It is indeed quite possible she was blinded by the sun at that time of day.  This time of year, it can be a wicked angle, and hit you while you're in motion, halfway through an otherwise perfectly safe and lawful turn.

But you don't run.  That's when it goes from a lamentable crash to a felony.  And a rotten, unforgivable way to treat a human being you just killed, whether you had been doing anything wrong or not.



From the police report, she was driving westbound, so at 7:45 in the morning, the sun could not have possibly blinded her. I kind of have a feeling that she fled because she either had some alcohol in her and/or she was driving without insurance. 

Either way, as you stated, the fact that she stopped, got out of her car, took a look at him, and saw the look of death in his eyes and then drove off just proves that she is both selfish as well as a coward. Not to mention stupid being that she thought she would get away with it. 

What pisses me off most is the look on her face in her mugshot. No remorse or regret. As if she was thinking, "Well, he was old......he was gonna die soon anyway".

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