Baby giraffe born at Como Zoo is cute [PHOTO]

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Como Zoo
On Sunday, the Como Zoo welcomed a new baby female giraffe to the world.

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The as-of-yet-unnamed giraffe (pictured above) is cute. That's no surprise. But would you believe she was born already taller than a good proportion of humanity? According to the zoo, she entered the world 5-feet-8-inches tall and 130 pounds.

And if you think human pregnancies are long, consider that giraffe gestation lasts for up to 15 months.

The baby is the fourth giraffe at Como Zoo, joining her parents and one other. She's scheduled to make her public debut this coming Sunday.

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DavidFoureyes topcommenter

Why hasn't Clayton Stoner cut this thing's head off yet?

Adam Scheidegger
Adam Scheidegger

Caleb, that sound you hear is context flying directly over your head.

Jase Roe
Jase Roe

I ment free in the wild and not locked up..... And I go to the MN zoo and pay for it because they are better kept.....good day

Jase Roe
Jase Roe

Cute, to bad its in a zoo and not really free.....

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