Bradlee Dean's big ass Annandale headquarters is for rent; might his ministry be moving?

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It appears Bradlee and his pals are packing up and moving -- but to where?
If there's any fire underneath this smoke, then, frankly, goodbye and good riddance.

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The Bluestem Prairie blog reports that the entirety of Bradlee Dean's ginormous Annandale headquarters is for rent. And since Dean's hard-to-take-seriously radio show and his LOL-worthy fundraising seem to be doing a lot less bad in the South than they are in gay-loving Minnesota these days, might the "For Rent" sign signify Dean is leaving the state for greener pastures?

Either that, or he's broke. In either event, cool.

Here's a description of the property posted on, along with a couple images:
Great property with multiple offices and a heated garage (1,740/sf). Beautiful space on the main street in Annandale. Garage is heated and has (3) 12'x12' O.H. doors 1 at front of building and 2 at the back so 1 set of overheads create a drive thru the garage. Current user using the entire 6,527/sf. Space divisible.
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A tipster emailed Bluestem Prairie to report that the "Building looks cars parked in front during normal business times." But since Dean's ministry largely relies on mobile street teams (click here to apply for a job if you're interested!), it isn't yet clear what this latest development means in the grand scheme of things.

Unfortunately, as some of you know, I'm not exactly on the best of terms with Bradlee and his pals these days, so for now, all we can do is fantasize speculate about whether "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International" really is running from Minnesota.

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