Several of Buzzfeed's "Most Minnesotan Things That Ever Happened" didn't actually happen in Minnesota

A lot of people in Minnesota are getting a kick out of Buzzfeed's latest listicle: The 29 Most Minnesotan Things That Ever Happened.

The amusing subtitle: "Could these things have only happened in Minnesota? You betcha."

There's just one problem: Several of these things did not actually happen in Minnesota.

For example ...

This hockey rink is indeed glorious, but the backyard isn't in Minnesota -- it's actually our neighbors to the north in Edmonton.

And this one ...

That doesn't look like Minnesota, and it links to an imgur file that is labeled "Canadian fast food."

Similarly, this guy with an icicle-covered face ...

... was actually part of a Vice story about Canadian Wind Surfing.

It was a little harder to find the origin of the hilarious "Ain't nobody got time 4 this" snow billboard. The Buzzfeed article links back to this site, which doesn't specify where the photo was taken. But if you run a Google image search, Catfish-style, you learn that the photo was actually taken in New England.

It's a funny list, and you'll probably want to share it with your friends on Facebook. Just remember: It's not entirely factual.

UPDATE: The author of the Buzzfeed list has responded to this post on Twitter:


UPDATE 2: Buzzfeed has ackowledged the mistake on Twitter and corrected the headline to reflect that several of the "Most Minnesotan Things" did not actually happen in Minnesota.


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