Cars drove down St. Paul's Grand Avenue trading gunfire [PHOTO]

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Last night, this intersection was the site of a Bruegger's, a North Face, and a shootout.
Think dudes like Clark Griffith are the main thing you need to be wary of during evening strolls down Grand Avenue? Think again.

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Yesterday, a woman walking her dog around 8 p.m. stopped to call cops from the corner of Grand Avenue and Avon Street after two cars raced by her trading gunfire.

From the Pioneer Press:
The woman, who was walking her dog, believed she was being shot at. But police believe the occupants of the cars -- both eastbound on Grand -- were more likely firing at each other.

"There is nothing at all to suggest this woman was a target," police Cmdr. Steve Frazier said.

Police found seven bullet casings at the intersection from two different handgun types -- 9 mm and .40-caliber -- suggesting two different shooters. Witnesses, meanwhile, said shots were fired from both cars.
The cars turned north on Avon and sped away. No arrests were made and police don't have much to work with in terms of descriptions of the suspects or the cars they were driving, the PiPress reports.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A reader named Annie Langenfeld sent along this photo taken from a balcony off Avon just after the shooting was reported:

Annie Langenfeld

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