City Council candidate Lisa Bender's campaign headquarters is really tacky [PHOTO]

Aaron Rupar
Lisa Bender should reimburse the residents who have to live in this even-uglier-than-it-was-before building for putting them through this.
I was walking home from work Friday afternoon near the intersection of Franklin and Lyndale avenues when... what the hell?

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Plastered on an apartment building owned by my landlord (The Apartment Shop) were approximately a million "Lisa Bender for Minneapolis City Council" signs that weren't there earlier that day. Check it out for yourself in the photo above.

Reached for comment over the weekend, Bender, the DFL-endorsed candidate for the Ward 10 council seat currently held by Meg Tuthill, confirmed that a ground-level office space in the building is her new campaign headquarters.

That's all well and good, but how about exercising a little bit of taste? After all, some unfortunate souls have to live inside that tacky-looking monstrosity!

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