City Pages blogger plays e-pulltabs: A review

Photos by Aaron Rupar
Playing these machines isn't as painful as getting kicked in the shins, but it's more costly and comparably fun.
I've devoted a lot of digital ink to the epic disappointments that are e-pulltabs, so last night, I figured, What the hell? I'll head to O'Gara's and give 'em a shot.

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I'm a seasoned casino blackjack player, but until last night, I'd never ever played pulltabs in any form. So in order to compare and contrast, I decided to spend $5 on the electronic version and $5 on their old-school paper counterparts.

I began my adventure by asking the bartender if I could buy $5 worth of e-pulltabs games. He took my Lincoln, grabbed an iPad from behind the bar, and handed it over.

As I scrolled through the dozen or so games preloaded on the machine...


... I asked the bartender how many people come in wanting to play e-pulltabs. He didn't seem overly eager to make conversation with me (who can blame him, right?), but said during a typical week about 30 people come into O'Gara's while he's working looking to iPad gamble it up.

All of the e-pulltab games I played operate on the same basic premise: You press a button to "open" the tab...


... then see what's hiding under the digital strip. Depending on the game, three or four of a kind is needed to win some moula:


Unfortunately, my first $5 came and went quickly without me ever tapping a winner:


I couldn't even hear the casino-style sounds the games allegedly make, as my iPad was adorned with a leather protector that covered the speaker and made it impossible to adjust the volume (or so the bartender told me).

Well, that sucked, I thought to myself. I can see why nobody wants to spend their hard-earned dough playing the stupid things. But I still had $5 to burn on paper games, so I headed over to the pulltab dispensing machine with visions of $100 winners dancing through my head.

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