David Letterman shares his "top 10 least successful Minnesota businesses"

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Last night, via video and reportedly at the behest of Al Franken, David Letterman appeared at the Minnesota Business Partnership dinner and offered his top 10 list of the "least successful Minnesota businesses."

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Somehow, it didn't include Primebar. But Letterman's list did include some funny ones, such as "Whore-mel" and "Prince's Awkwardly Shaped Guitar Center."

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any footage of Letterman's appearance for us to embed (though rest assured we'll add it later if it makes its way to the internet). But the Star Tribune detailed Letterman's top 10 in a blog post. Here it is:

10. 2M
9. Ventura's Secret
8. Whore-mel
7. Land-O-Lactose
6. The law firm of Olson, Carlson, Gustafson, Jensen, Peterson, Petersen, Pederson and Schwartz.
5. Strip Mall of America
4. Buffalo Mild-Mannered Wings
3. Second Best Buy
2. Prince's Awkwardly Shaped Guitar Center
1. (Minnesota Business Partnership executive director) Charlie Weaver's House of Toast
Hey now -- in all seriousness, if Jesse opened a clothing store, we'd totally shop there.

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Minnesotans view themselves as a perfect model for the rest of the world and view anything short of effusive praise as bitter criticism.....they have zero sense of humor about themselves, zero humility, and as a result, zero credibility on issues such as this. Minnesotans should never talk about Minnesotans because they inevitably end up sounding like elitist, insulated, arrogant snobs. A very large number of them have never even crossed state lines and have no basis for comparing themselves to the rest of the world; you can be sure those same people are very quick to judge and criticize places they have never been to and know nothing about, because Minnesotans can't stand the thought there might be someone better than them at something. 

Robert Martin
Robert Martin

You all realize this was at a private business convention, right? It is the same as if he did a Top 10 list of things related to what you do for a living. "Top 10 worst things about carpet! #10...." It's dumb to you because you aren't part of the target audience and its not for you. It was super cool to the people there since a celebrity was talking about them so stay away. Not for you.

Tim Stang
Tim Stang

can i have the minute back of my life for reading this mindless garbage


Creative.  Nobody is exempt from his lists.  But you naysayers need to realize that it is not Letterman who is creative.  It is his writers.  

John Lilja
John Lilja

Don't forget Popeye's Deep Fried Spinach on a Stick at the State Fair


This list is a keeper - right up there with the Rake's slogans for St. Paul from back in Dec 2006:

St. Paul: It Xcels!

St. Paul: The Midwest’s Magic Kingdom

St. Paul: A Hop Across the River from Sodom

St. Paul: C’mon in! (Just wipe your feet.)

St. Paul: 300 Statues of Snoopy Can’t be Wrong

St. Paul: That much closer to Wisconsin.

St. Paul: Come for the Fun, Get Home at a Reasonable Hour!

St. Paul: Our Mayor Can Match His Socks.

St. Paul: Nobody’s damn Apple.

St. Paul: Where Not Just Anyone Can Find Their Way Around

St. Paul: The Beast to the East

St. Paul: You’re a-Hmong Friends!

St. Paul: Funkytown — the Foxtrot Version

St. Paul: More History, Less Histrionics.

St. Paul: What Do You Say We Call it a Night?

Jonathan J Potts
Jonathan J Potts

You people need to lighten up. This is funny. It's satire. Why so serious?


Looking forward to today's narrow-minded, self-absorbed comments in response to this. #MinnesotaPassiveAggressive #TweetsAreYours

CinBlueland topcommenter

Caught part of his opening monologue the other night.. Wow..what a bitter old man.  He can replace Wilford Brimley in oatmeal commercials now.

Chad Motzko
Chad Motzko

Thanks so much for your valuable opinion! Thanks for getting my day off to a positive start.


@joecool1999 Well, that was ignorant and loaded with sweeping generalizations. A very large number of them have never crossed state lines? That's so far off that I'm not even going to respond to the rest of your mindless drivel. You sound like a racist and an idiot, do the rest of the world a favor and go back under the rock you came from.


@CinBlueland  - Your objection has been noted. Thank you for participating.

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