Ex-Twin Carlos Gomez gets into brawl during ill-fated home run trot [VIDEO]

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His path obstructed by an irate catcher, Gomez never touched home.
Last season, Carlos Gomez took a home run trot following a foul ball. Yesterday, the Atlanta Braves cried foul (and then some) for his trash talk-laden trot during the first inning of a game.

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It's probably the only time you'll see a trot interrupted by a benches-clearing confrontation. And it's a whole lot more entertaining than anything the Twins have done this season (although this is pretty close).

Here's the footage:

For the season, Gomez, 27, has 23 home runs and is slugging an impressive .501 for the Milwaukee Brewers. Both of those numbers would lead the Twins, who traded Go-Go for J.J. Hardy (who they subsequently traded for a bag of peanuts named Jim Hoey) before the 2010 season.

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