Fliers offer reward for lost tiger [IMAGE]

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A couple tipsters recently brought above flier to our attention.

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No, there isn't really a tiger on the loose in Minneapolis. There are, however, very creative marketing folks wilding out around town, apparently.

A call to the phone number reveals that the flier is actually a advertisement for the Minnesota State Lottery, of all things.

"Hey, have you found our tiger? Can you hold onto him for like a week or so?" an answering machine-style recording of a man's voice says. "We're in Vegas, baby! Whoo! We got here thanks to the new Caesars Jackpot scratch game from the Minnesota Lottery, and you can too!"

So that's disappointing, but we'll give credit where it's due -- it's a damn clever ad campaign, and presumably really cheap, to boot.

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Paul Whyte
Paul Whyte

It's in Duluth too. How is this news?

Charlie Seto
Charlie Seto

Someone put this up in downtown Rochester, MN...I hope they find Pickles!

Frank Otero
Frank Otero

Saw this while getting my haircut uptown :)

Kent Erickson
Kent Erickson

I was personally hoping a tiger was on the loose in Minneapolis. Make my walk on lunch more interesting.

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