Four women charged in St. Paul identity theft ring look rough [MUGSHOTS]

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From left to right, Shauntell Burg, Roxanne Deflorin, Andrea Gunderson, and Kristin Warren.
Authorities say they've busted a major identity theft ring that targeted hundreds of state employees.

One of the four women charged, 47-year-old Roxanne Deflornin, used to work for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and had access to other state employees' social security numbers. The Star Tribune, citing charges filed this week in Ramsey County, reports that Deflornin passed that information along to Shauntell Burg, 32, and Burg then traded her information to a third woman named Kristin Warren, 40, for drugs.

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Warren was arrested in the summer of 2012 with more than 200 stolen identities allegedly in her possession.

Also charged with identity theft in connection with the ring is 30-year-old Andrea Gunderson.

The four women "possessed social security numbers, dates of birth and drivers license numbers" of well over 300 people, KARE reports. Authorities say the women used the information to make purchases. In some cases, items purchased were later sold to pawn shops.

"These individuals caused havoc and great concern for the personal identities of hundreds of hard-working employees and retirees," Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said, according to the KARE report. "Thanks to the hard work of law enforcement, in particular the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, these defendants can now be brought to justice."

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