Fox 9 reporter live tweets his drunken Saturday night

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Tom Lyden on Twitter
In addition to being a skilled reporter, Lyden is also no slouch when it comes to drunk tweeting, apparently.
Fox 9's Tom Lyden didn't win an award at the Regional Emmys, but he refused to let that get in the way of having a fun Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis.

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That much is clear from reading Lyden's tweets, which progressed from slightly saucy at 9 p.m. to full-blown crunked a few hours later.

Here are the highlights, with the first tweet posted at 8:13 p.m. and the last at 12:46 a.m.:


But Lyden's last tweet of the night is the one that'll live in infamy:


We'll give him credit for owning it -- as of this morning, the Saturday night tweets were still visible on Lyden's timeline, nestled atop more sober links to news stories from days gone by.

:::: UPDATE ::::

We received the following note from Lyden himself this morning:
During a night of celebration I sent out a Tweet that was intended to be a little crazy and edgy. It was actually just weird and in poor taste. Let me be perfectly clear, I adore cats, including my own, and would never do them harm. I was also honored to be nominated for several Emmys. The other Tweets were fairly on the money. Jen's legs are lovely, and we had a fun evening dancing.
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