Joey Prusak, Hopkins Dairy Queen worker, reimburses blind customer after he's robbed [UPDATE]

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A DQ employee was Minnesota Nice personified last week when one of his customers was robbed.
-- Update at bottom --

A customer at the Hopkins Main Street Dairy Queen recently wrote to the company to commend Joey, an employee who did all he could to prevent a woman from stealing cash from a blind customer, then opened his own wallet to reimburse the man when his efforts to stop the woman proved fruitless.

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"I was in shock by the generosity that your employee had," the letter to DQ says. "From a customer of your store and a customer of DQ I would probably like to say Joey has forever sealed my fate as a life long customer of the Hopkins Mainstreet Dairy Queen."

Here's the full feel-good letter, which was posted posted on Reddit (click to enlarge):


Somebody get Joey an Employee of the Month award, stat!

:::: UPDATE ::::

The Dairy Queen hero has been identified as 19-year-old Joey Prusak. Here's his Twitter profile photo:


Prusak has worked at the Hopkins Dairy Queen since he was 14, and is now the manager there. He says he's heard from countless local and national media outlets and celebrities as the story has spread across the internet, including everyone from Glenn Beck to Warren Buffett to Queen Latifah.

Regarding all the people who have gotten in touch to commend him, Prusak told WCCO, "They think what I did was so extremely nice when really all I was doing was the right thing to do."

In an interview with USA Today, Prusak said he recently asked for a raise, but was rebuffed. With all the good PR he's brought to the Hopkins DQ this week, we hope his boss reconsiders.

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