How to avoid fake Vikings tickets at Sunday's home opener

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Minnesota Vikings
The team's second game of the season, last weekend in Chicago.
Come Sunday, the area around the Metrodome will sprout a temporary economy: the Vikings fans hunting for last-minute tickets to the day's home opener, the scalpers jockeying to sell to them, and the scammers looking to split the difference.

"If it's something dishonest, it's been tried," says Dan Hendrickson of the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota, which issued a warning to fans to be on the lookout for fake tickets on Sunday. "There's a lot of excitement before the home opener, people have been waiting for it all year, and we're worried that the excitement may override some of their better instincts."

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Ticket counterfeiters are clever. They've been caught with all three varieties of Vikings tickets -- season, single game, and Ticketmaster -- and their scams range from the over-eager amateur with a good printer, to the anonymous guy hawking non-existent tickets online, to the re-seller of tickets to a game that happened last weekend.

"We see all types," writes team spokesperson Jeff Anderson in an email. "Tickets with the wrong stadium, date, opponent or price point. Multiple tickets with the same seat assignments, multiple hard copies of print-at-home email tickets, etc."

And if the price seems too good to be true, Anderson adds, it probably is.

To ensure real seats in the Metrodome, Hendrickson advises double-checking all the details printed on the ticket, comparing the seat assignment with the stadium map, and even requesting to see the seller's I.D. Types of tickets that are more likely to be fake: Ticketmaster tickets (there are fewer of them) and printed-out e-tickets.

"It's worth taking an extra second to look at those tickets and look at the person you're buying them from," says Hendrickson. "If they're shifting and looking a little jumpy, it may be a good idea to hand those tickets back and look elsewhere."

The good news is that, as of now, there's no need to turn to the scalpers at all. The Cleveland Browns returned a few hundred tickets to Sunday's game, which means you can still score seats by calling up the Vikings ticket office.

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k2yeb topcommenter

Simple solution, buy through accredited sites like Stub Hub if you want to go.

I still can't believe we are allowing our tax dollars to subsidize for profit businesses. It would be nice if the Orchestra got 1/100th the support and funding pro sports got in this city. I hope we kick every single one of these party loyal, narrow minded, and short sighted losers out of the capital. 

swmnguy topcommenter

After the last time I went to a Vikings game, I won't have any of these problems.  My kids each won a pair of tickets through an elementary school reading program, so the whole family went.  We left at halftime. We had beer spilled on us, vomit sprayed on us, we were barraged with unbelievable language, witnessed several fist fights; all under the noses of "Security" who did nothing. While being deafened by dangerous levels of fake crowd noise and cranked up distorted music.

I've taken my kids to all-ages punk rock shows that were vastly more family-friendly and safe environments.

If that kind of scene is your cup of tea, by all means, go and have a good time.  It's just not for me, and it's not appropriate for kids.

Bryce Otter Larson
Bryce Otter Larson

Finally an article with some useful shit in it! Trying to get back to relevance I see!

Jeremiah Zortman
Jeremiah Zortman

Well that explains it! It's been the FAKE Vikings playing this year! That's a relief! I almost thought our team was awful.

Andy Gillund
Andy Gillund

Paying full price for tickets to watch the Browns would be getting duped.



I see you're already teaching your children to become future pussy Liberals.


@keny1  Because True Conservatives always take their children to violent, drunken free-for-alls with swearing, fighting and puking, saturated with booze.  And never complain and try to get it shut down.

Like you, or any other self-proclaimed True Conservative who lives in a basement in a decaying suburb and pretends to be gay would know anything about parenting in the first place.  Oh, no.  Far better to namecall and point fingers and make stuff up to drive site traffic.  Now that's livin'.


@k2yeb So you're going to play the false equivalency card on behalf of...keny1?  Really?

You're going to say that anybody talking back to keny1, calling him on his baiting, racist, homophobic, scatological, obscene sadistic trolling, is exactly the same as keny1?

Have I ever posted a link to "2 Girls, 1 Cup" on this site?  Keny has.  You apparently think that is just fine?  In fact, that is just the same as complaining about it?

Because that is what you are saying, k2yeb.  It is not a matter of political bickering.  It is a matter of behavior.  If you cannot tell the difference, perhaps you are in worse shape than "Keny1."  Because at least he knows damned well what he is doing.

k2yeb topcommenter

@jo1glex @keny1 This my side is better than your side crap needs to stop. Same crap different asshole. You both are fucking morons. 

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