Jeffrey Trevino's attorney raises possibility Kira was murdered during pot deal gone awry

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Kira's body was discovered in May. She went missing in February, and her husband, Jeffrey, is on trial for murder.
:::: UPDATE :::: Jeffrey Trevino found guilty of unintentionally murdering wife, Kira

As Jeffrey Trevino's second-degree murder trial heads down the home stretch, Trevino's defense team alluded to an alternative theory of Kira's death.

THE BACKSTORY: Kira Trevino was involved romantically with another man when she vanished, complaint says

Inside Kira's purse when she went missing was a small bag of marijuana. On Friday, Trevino's attorney, James Conard, posed this question to retired St. Paul police Sergeant John Wright: Is "a house where marijuana growers live [a] dangerous place to go?"

The implication is that Kira may have been in the midst of a pot run when she went missing.

Jeffrey claims he last saw Kira leaving their home in her car around 9 a.m. on February 22. But according to the Pioneer Press, phone records indicate that Kira, who by all accounts was very active on her smartphone, last used it the night before. Prosecutors allege the murder happened sometime early that morning, shortly after Kira texted a man she was having an affair with.

The Star Tribune shares a few more details about Conard's questioning of Wright:
[Conard asked Wright] if marijuana dealers and buyers are robbed with "surprising frequency" in St. Paul.

Wright said they are robbed, but he wasn't sure if "surprising frequency" was an accurate assessment. When Trevino reported Steger, his wife, missing on Feb. 24, he told police he was worried about her sudden increase in drinking, staying out late and her marijuana use...

One of Steger's close friends testified earlier in the trial that Steger used the drug recreationally. Ramsey County Medical Examiner Dr. Michael McGee testified that toxicology tests showed no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the principal chemical substance in marijuana, in her system.
In other words, if Kira really was out trying to buy marijuana the day she disappeared, she didn't smoke any of it. And she apparently didn't use her phone to arrange a meeting with her dealer either.

In comments made to Fox 9, Kira's father, Jay Steger, characterized the drug-deal-gone-wrong theory as nothing more than "a desperate attempt to discredit Kira."

Closing statements could happen as soon as tomorrow, after which Jeffrey's fate will be in the hands of a jury.

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Better call Saul.

Holly Wright
Holly Wright

She did not go missing because of pot. She went missing because of her SCUMBAG husband.


Stories of women and the loser men they choose to associate with... mind numbing. I'm sure Jeff was a real patron saint when she met him. #TweetsAreYours

swmnguy topcommenter

I knew somebody who got robbed during a pot transaction.  Of course, he was buying several pounds, and had several thousand dollars in $20 bills when things went bad, and he was buying from some outlaw biker types and meeting them on the side of a rural road out in the middle of nowhere.  He just got his money taken away from him and they threw his car keys out into a cornfield.  It took him a long time to find his keys.

The last time a 30-somthing blonde chick who liked to party got killed over a small bag of weed worth probably less than $50


I suggest that Trevino take lots of Tylenol before going to prison for the rest of his life. His back side is going to be sore after the inmates have fun with him. Couldn't happen to a bigger douche bag.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

This is why Rich Stanek should be fired for his stupid comments linking marijuana and violence.  When a leader in the police department spreads such misinformation it can lead to things like this.   All it takes is one person on the jury as stupid as Rich Stanek and a murderer goes free.  

Stuttering John
Stuttering John

One more reason the devils lettuce should be illegal.

Alison Draper
Alison Draper

Thats a creative conclusion... Couldnt come up with anything better

henk.tobias0 topcommenter

@Stuttering John What reason would that be?


@henk.tobias0 The fact that it has awesome names like "The Devil's Lettuce" should be reason enough.

@Stuttering John Stealing that, btw.

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