Brodkorb settles for $30k; Senate says that's what they offered before lawsuit

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Brodkorb speaks during today's presser.
:::: UPDATE :::: Michael Brodkorb talks scandal, lawsuit, and new leases on life: The City Pages interview

Michael Brodkorb got far less than he was seeking out of his wrongful termination lawsuit against the Senate, but said today he's happy to settle and move on.

Brodkorb, who alleged he was a victim of gender discrimination when he lost his job in late 2011 after his affair with then-MNGOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch came to light, settled for $30,000 -- a small portion of the $600,000 he was reportedly seeking. Taxpayers are on the hook for well upwards of $200,000 in legal fees associated with the case.

Brodkorb announced the news during a south Minneapolis news conference this evening.

"I am glad to have this over with," he said during the presser, according to the Star Tribune. "This is about putting this matter behind me and allowing me to get my life back and wake up tomorrow with this not on my shoulders."

More from Fox 9:
The Senate released a statement saying Brodkorb had admitted he couldn't prove his claims. The chamber's statement said the settlement matched the severance Brodkorb was offered before he sued.
Following the scandal, Koch divorced her husband, left politics, and now runs a bowling north of Buffalo.

Brodkorb plans to get back into blogging, and a piece he wrote handicapping the 2014 MNGOP gubernatorial field was published on MinnPost earlier this week

According to the Strib, his marriage withstood the scandal and he lives with his family in Eagan.

"This has very hard on my family and I greatly appreciate their support throughout this," Brodkorb said during today's presser.

We'll have more coverage tomorrow, including hopefully an interview with Brodkorb himself -- we touched base with him following today's news conference and he said he'd speak with us.

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Dave Eckblad
Dave Eckblad

Oh man, I wish I could get a firing bonus for being a shithead.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Once again a perfect reminder of why you don't vote for the stupid con artists that make up the modern Republican Party.  

TweetsAreYours topcommenter

The bitter little man was all talk. If he was so discriminated against, why didn't he stand up for what  he believes in? 

Chalk this clown up to another power hungry little man trying to put food on his table off the backs of the taxpayers. 



The Republicans fired one of two consenting adults having an affair with each other, and the Republicans chose to fire that person.  I don't believe this moral failure, as the Republicans called it, is any reason to fire someone, and I don't want to pay for it.  If we fired all of the employees having affairs, and they all sued, we would be Mississippi, overnight.

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

someone should call that fat pig he had the affair out on her message of family values and she should reimburse the money


@MicheleBachmann Oh, please. Your 'Modern Democrat Party' is just oozing with slime.  Did you forget about Keith Sleaze-Bag Ellison and his mistress calling the cops on each other? Or, Al Rape Joke Franken? And I won't waste time on Weiner, Spitzer  and the Kennedys! LOL



" If we fired all of the employees having affairs, and they all sued, we would be Mississippi, overnight."

I think you meant siblings.  Not employees.



And you know for a fact that the majority of people in Mississippi have sex with their siblings? Nice way to stereotype a state. I guess with your line of thinking, everyone in Minnesota is Swedish and eats lefse and pickled herring.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@WatusiJenkins Hey dumbass racist why don't you go get hit by a bus.  No one cares about all those ugly sisters you fucked when you were living back in Mississippi.  Here in civilized society we look down on that sort of behavior.    I'd rather be the state where the stereotype is eating something awesome like lefse than the state famous for sister fucking.  

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