Minnesota's most popular baby names in 2012 were Emma, Mason

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Emma and Mason were the most popular girl-boy names last year in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri.
The Social Security Administration has released the state-by-state list of America's top baby names for 2012, and it turns out that Minnesota is far from alone in liking girl names that end with the letter a.

The most popular girl name in all 50 states ended with that letter. In Minnesota, as in nearly 30 other states, that name was Emma. For boys, Mason, for the third consecutive year, was the most popular (as was the case in more than a dozen other states).

For maps with the full state-by-state breakdowns for both boys and girls, click here.

Here's Minnesota's top five names from last year, along with the number of babies who were given them:

1. Emma (367)
2. Olivia (366)
3. Sophia (327)
4. Ava (322)
5. Avery (281)

1. Mason (363)
2. William (350)
3. Ethan (330)
4. Liam (328)
5. Henry (314)

For what it's worth, in 2011, the top girl-boy names in Minnesota were Olivia and Mason. In 2010, they were Ava and Mason, and in 2009, they were Olivia and Logan.

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