MPR's Bob Collins takes cocaine shot at Jeff Dubay after Dubay calls for Kill's resignation

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Collins (left) on Dubay: "If the face of your radio station is a cocaine addict, the face of your football program can be a guy with epilepsy."
:::: UPDATE :::: Jeff Dubay blasts Bob Collins on the radio, calls him a "cheap-shot artist and a chump"

Jeff Dubay hasn't quit Twitter, as he threatened to do after taking a lot of 140-character heat for calling global warming a "left wing conspiracy" on his 1500 ESPN radio show last month. In fact, his latest Twitter imbroglio might be his most lively yet.

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Over the past day or so, Dubay has been arguing with dozens of people about his stance that following his latest on-field seizure, Gophers football coach Jerry Kill should resign (assuming his epilepsy can't be brought under control).

In making his case, Dubay cited a Star Tribune profile on Coach Kill from last month: Here's what Kill himself had to say about his seizures in that piece:
"It's not something I'm going to solve in a month," he said. "The worst thing that's ever happened to me is the Michigan State situation [when he had a seizure in the locker room at halftime during a game last season and couldn't coach the second half]. You can't be the head football coach and miss half of a game. I mean, I'm not stupid, I realize that.

"If I was doing those things, the university wouldn't have to fire me. I'd walk away if I didn't think I could do it. But that won't happen because you're talking to a guy that wasn't supposed to be here anyway."
Predictably, Dubay's stance drew the ire of some who couldn't resist the temptation to make a (tenuous) connection between Kill's struggle with epilepsy and Dubay's struggle to overcome a crack cocaine addiction: Among those taking shots of that sort was MPR news blogger Bob Collins, who tweeted this earlier today: Looks like Dubay is just going to have to get used to the crack references every time he embroils himself in controversy -- not that he should've expected anything else headed into his second crack at a sports talk radio career.

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