MSNBC spotlights Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner's viral ad [VIDEO]

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Now with nearly a half-million page views.
Since we first wrote about Jeff Wagner -- eligible bachelor, gentle luggage-thrower, and candidate for Minneapolis mayor -- his campaign video has spiraled from around 12,000 views on Friday afternoon to more than 444,000 as of this writing. In an increasingly heated and serious mayoral race, Wagner is the comic sensation.

Behind that spike in views is the national attention Wagner won over the weekend. By Friday, he had already criss-crossed the internet, but that night, he made the jump to TV when MSNBC's Chris Hayes featured the video as the day's "awesomest thing" online.

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"It's not clear what Wagner's platform is, it's not clear what his party affiliation is, and it's also not clear what the heck he's doing in this commercial," Hayes began. In an effort to explain it, Hayes turned to our own coverage.

"He says the ad is a metaphor, telling the Minneapolis City Pages, 'I'm protecting the Minneapolis lakes from the sharks," Hayes continued, slightly stumbling over the 'l' in Minneapolis. As he kept reading Wagner's quote on air, he couldn't help but laugh.
Screenshot from MSNBC
To end the segment, Hayes noted that Wagner told us he wanted to be Minneapolis's most eligible bachelor. "He's pretty ripped," Hayes remarked. "A noble goal mister, er, mayor Wagner."

Here's the clip from the show:

Check out the rest of our interview with Wagner in our original post.

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