PolicyMic says worst thing about Minnesota is... tornadoes?

Oklahoma clearly has a bigger tornado problem than us, yet PolicyMic says the worst thing down there are "female criminals."
A few days ago, PolicyMic came out with its list of the "most screwed up thing" in each state.

Some make sense. For instance, the piece says binge drinking is the worst thing about Wisconsin. That conforms with our perceptions and with the numbers as well -- the data indicates more Wisconsinites binge drink than residents of any other states. To take another example, PolicyMic declares unemployment to be the worst thing about Michigan, and that's reasonable, as the state has the highest unemployment rate in the country.

But others are, shall we say, questionable. Does anyone really think tornadoes are the worst thing about Minnesota? PolicyMic does, but off the top of my head, here's a few things that seem worse -- winters, the Vikings, and Michele Bachmann. (In fairness, we did have the most tornadoes in the country in 2010, but were the PolicyMic folks paying attention when two devastating twisters ripped through Oklahoma this spring?)

Others are even more ludicrous. The worst thing about North Dakota is "ugliest residents" (PolicyMic cites a Daily Beast "report" about the ugliest states as justification), the worst thing about Washington is "bestiality" (there were a whopping four cases of bestiality reported there in 2010, which was the most in the country), and the worst thing about Utah is "porn usage" (the state has the highest rate of online porn subscriptions, apparently).

Sure, it's mostly meant to be fun, but c'mon -- everybody knows NoDak is so damn sexy!

To see PolicyMic's map and state-by-state breakdown, click here.

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