Sam Ponder, as Matt Cassel possibly takes her husband's job: "Pressure is a privilege"

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Sam Ponder on Twitter
Christian and Sam during happier professional times.
Yesterday's Vikings win couldn't have been an easy experience for Christian Ponder, who watched it from the sideline because of a fractured rib but just as easily could've been benched for his string of poor performances while the Purple started 0-3. On one hand, you'd imagine Ponder's happy his team finally got off the schnide, but on the other, he couldn't fully root for an offense led by a guy who looks to be taking his job, could he?

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So by extension, Matt Cassel's strong performance -- the best the Vikings have had at QB since some guy named Favre was getting paid handsomely to toss it around for them -- also couldn't have been easy to endure for Sam Ponder, Christian's lovely wife.

Here's what Sam posted on Instagram right around the time Cassel hooked up with Greg Jennings for their second touchdown connection of the game:


After the game, Leslie Frazier, asked about the quarterback situation, praised Cassel, but then offered up this groan-inducing quote: "If you're asking, our quarterback is Christian Ponder."

Assuming Ponder really does start the Vikings next game -- October 13 at home against Carolina -- Sam's "pressure is a privilege" thing will be put to the test. You can bet the Metrodome faithful will be ready to lustily boo Ponder the first time the offense goes awry, as it's wont to do with him at the reigns.

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Maybe they should rely less on scripture and more on reality!

k2yeb topcommenter

Neither will be on the roster in 2 years. By the time we get a good QB, AP will be retiring. 

Sidenote, nasty pants. 

Ryan Birch
Ryan Birch

christian rhetoric = words of wisdom?

Soleil Morgan
Soleil Morgan

I like Samantha Steele when she's being a reporter covering college football, not so much when she's sticking up defending Ponder likes he's 16 yrs old all the time.


The attractive wife of a quarterback posting a bible quote on social media isn't newsworthy. CityPages (Rupar in particular) does a great job covering stories in the area that no one else does, but they publishes this trash as click-bait. Time for the editors to start exerting a little authority.


That worked out so well for Tebow, didn't it?

Dee Finkelson
Dee Finkelson

I feel ya Sam. BUT ur hubby showed us his poor performance 3x. LET Cassel play 1 more time n see if he's good enuff to lead or not. IF he's just another bummer than we put back Ponder Wonder & yeahhh...there always be another season for the Vikes. AND YES, i love Vikes no matter what. 69 & 28 , u r da men!!

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