Samantha Steele gets death wish against husband Christian Ponder after bad game

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In the wake of Christian Ponder's stinker of a performance yesterday, his wife, ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele Ponder, has confronted some ugly death threats on Twitter.

An outraged Mrs. Ponder confronted the heckler, who didn't back down and confirmed he was wishing death on a man because of a football game he had just watched.

Here is what her Twitter feed looks like:
The offensive tweet begins with a reference to Steve McNair, the NFL quarterback shot and killed by his 20-year-old mistress in a murder/suicide. Ponder questions the heckler, who confirms that's what he meant.
Twitter recently rolled out a new set of rules to try to stamp out the troubling trend of women getting threatened and harassed on the service. If there's any teeth to it, @mikeywaldo could find himself banned for this type of behavior.

UPDATE: As predicted, @mikeywaldo has been banned.


UPDATE 2: It appears Mikey Waldo himself has appeared in the comments to offer a heartfelt apology.

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