Seimone Augustus kissed during game, says Taurasi "wanted some of my deliciousness" [VIDEO]

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Instead of fighting, they kissed. Conflict resolution at its finest!
Last night, the Minnesota Lynx treated the Target Center faithful to the best pro sports performance Minnesota has seen since Brett Favre eviscerated the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs in early 2010.

Behind the strength of an unstoppable Lindsay Whalen-led offense, the Lynx crushed the Phoenix Mercury 85-62 in the first game of the Western Conference Finals. The Lynx are now one victory away from their third consecutive trip to the WNBA Finals.

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But the (bizarro) highlight of the night may have come when the game was already a certifiable laugher, with the Lynx leading 70-44 in the fourth quarter. After Seimone Augustus bumped chests with longtime rival and fellow WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi, it looked like the two were about to fight. But instead, Taurasi gave Augustus a kiss. Seriously!

Here's the footage:

After the game, both players offered up interesting quotes about the incident.

"We were just trying to make sweet love," Taurasi said. Augustus retorted, "The tango dance that we had, I always say she just wanted some of my deliciousness."

On the floor, at least, Augustus, Whalen, and Maya Moore were indeed quite delicious last night, as they scored 18, 20, and 20 points, respectively.

With three superstars on the roster, great team chemistry, and a fired-up fanbase (even if the Target Center wasn't as full as it should've been last night), the Lynx are far and away the best thing going in Minnesota pro sports right now. And if that isn't enough to convince you to check out a game, keep in mind that you might see an on-court kiss as a bonus!

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Andy Stealth Trattar
Andy Stealth Trattar

The real story should be about that referee... He's touching two women in the chest area while they kiss in front of thousands of people... Fuckin American hero...

Tim Stang
Tim Stang

if a man wants to sleep with 10k women in one night..go to a wnba game


Once again the City Pages and Aaron Rupar exemplify why women will never be taken seriously in sports.  Congrats. 

@Terese, your comments are spot on! "This story is so blown out of about covering the fact that Lynx blew out Phoenix and dominated with stellar play instead of focusing on Taurasi's silly antics?"

The City Pages proves everyday that real news is irrelevant.  Only this shit sells.

Noting that this story:  "Star Tribune apologizes for Jim Souhan column about Coach Kill's epileptic seizures" is also on the blotter, WHEN is the City Pages going to apologize for THIS column?!?

Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson

That was good T. It could be a complete make out session next contest.

Nathan Conley
Nathan Conley

It's quick, funny, modern. .... Just awesome. Probably did more to grow the woman's sport there, than 15 years of play. Sport=spectacle. We now have that moment. Kudos to both.

Kenosha 'Kenny' Washington
Kenosha 'Kenny' Washington

GAY ANTIC's happening during a Womens Profesional Basketball game? *GASP* Simply, Outrageous!!!! *giggle*

Teri Ahrens
Teri Ahrens

This story is so blown out of about covering the fact that Lynx blew out Phoenix and dominated with stellar play instead of focusing on Taurasi's silly antics?

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Hilarious quote by Augustus.  I really like the players in the WNBA.  It helps the Lynx are so good but that was pretty funny.   I hope Pekovic pulls that on someone this year for the Timberwolves.  Who wouldn't want a peck from big Pek?

MNjoe topcommenter

Now if Carlos Gomez and the Braves catcher had just done that the other night, they probably would've avoided the brawl and suspensions.

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