Star Tribune draws heat for "welfare mothers and their screaming babies" editorial

Categories: Media beefs
The Star Tribune editorial board is the butt of ridicule and criticism this morning for a bizarre line in today's piece about Nicollet Mall.

In arguing that the mall is already a public place that caters to a diverse clientelle, the unsigned author drops this clunker:
Starch-collared corporate types stroll shoulder to shoulder with welfare mothers and their screaming babies.
Wonder which group the Strib editorial board feels more kinship with?

As if that wasn't bad enough, the next line is:
The homeless and mentally ill share benches with office workers trying to catch a little sun.
Just a few Sundays ago, the Strib was crowing about their new series on the mentally ill in jails (never mind that City Pages broke the story over a year ago). Now they're using them as a rhetorical device synonymous with "undesirable."

So far, the Strib has acknowledged the controversy, but deferred commenting on it:


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