Stephen Colbert mocks and ridicules sappy Cheerios ad [VIDEO]

Colbert, clutching his "Nana" pillow, broke down in hilariously fake tears thanks to the Cheerios spot.
Earlier this year, a Cheerios ad featuring a biracial couple generated a lot of racist blowback and serious discussion. But a more recent spot for the General Mills cereal is so tacky, it's hard to take seriously.

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The ad, which features a mother and her son having an emotional conversation over breakfast about how since Cheerios really hasn't changed over the years, eating a bowl is "kind of like having breakfast with Nana," was hilariously lampooned by Stephen Colbert earlier this week.

"Folks, the best ideas always seem so obvious in hindsight, yet somehow nobody every thought to leverage the death of a grandparents to hawk some hoops of oat," Colbert quipped. "I used to eat cereal without considering the long line of loved ones who've shuffled off this mortal coil, leaving me to face my own march to oblivion alone, weighed down by the invisible chains of the past."

"It was just something I ate when I didn't have time to make pancakes," he continued. "But now, thanks to this ad, I can't walk down a cereal aisle without entering a haunted house of loss and regret."

Here's the video:

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