Vikings fake playbook is pretty funny [IMAGE]

The "leaked" Vikings playbook published this morning on Deadspin pretty much hits the nail on the head with its implication that everybody on the Purple's offense not wearing number 28 either stinks, or seems to stink because of Christian Ponder's hapless quarterbacking.

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Oh Brett Favre, how we yearn for thee, dick pics and all.

Here's the "playbook," which was drawn by a Deadspin reader named Matt E. (click to enlarge):


"The only play" worked out well during the first play of last Sunday's game -- a 78-yard AP touchdown run -- but that was it as far as Vikings offensive highlights went during their 34-24 loss in Detroit.

We'll see if AP has what it takes this Sunday to lift the Purple to their first victory in Chicago since 2007, when he ran for 224 yards and three touchdowns in his breakout NFL performance. Because let's face it -- the Purple's Ponder-led passing attack isn't going to get it done. (I'd love to eat some crow for writing that, but I've been bashing Ponder for a year and he's gotta run out of time soon, right?)

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Craig Schroeder
Craig Schroeder

Brad Childress had a very similar playbook. There was AP to the left, and AP to the right, and AP up the middle. He used to cover his mouth up so no one would know which play of the three he was calling for.

John Lumbar
John Lumbar

Funny. Too bad it only worked on the first play last week!

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