ABM director, watching Amazing Race: "I'm cheering for a plane crash that kills 2 teams"

Carrie Lucking
On Sunday, Carrie Lucking, the executive director of the liberal nonprofit Alliance for a Better Minnesota, wished death upon the two teams competing on the Amazing Race (facetiously).

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As you'd expect, Lucking, formerly the communications director for the House DFL caucus -- she's also married to Mark Dayton's deputy chief of staff, Bob Hume -- is taking heat from Republicans for being so callous, even if she was only kidding.

Here's Lucking's tweet and the replies to it (all three of the them visible here were from guys who identify themselves as either conservative or Republican in their Twitter profiles):


Of course, some people would probably rather die than be forced to endure Amazing Race in the first place, but that's a separate conversation.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

this carrie luck is a slippery snake...she will do anything to get her goals met...

swmnguy topcommenter

What is this story about?  Anything?  Some political insider hacks are teasing each other or something?  We need more details to understand why we should have read this.

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