ACLU calls on Vikings to boycott "Redskins" when Washington comes to Metrodome [UPDATE]

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The National Congress of American Indians recently released this poster framing just how racist team nicknames like "Indians" and "Redskins" are.
:::: UPDATE :::: Today, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority denied the ACLU's request to boycott "Redskins." According to an AP report, the authority's lawyer determined that doing so would constitute unconstitutional censorship.

Original post (October 24) -- The American Civil Liberties Union is calling on the Vikings to not use the word "Redskins" when the Washington professional football team (as Bill Simmons calls them) visits the Metrodome on November 7.

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In a statement published on the ACLU's blog today, Jana Kooren writes, "The ACLU-MN is encouraging all parties involved in the upcoming Vikings/Washington Redskins game to do the right thing and not call the team by the offensive name Redskins but instead call them Washington."

"Now is the ACLU saying these names should be outlawed or illegal? No. Are we saying that the Washington Redskins should be sued and forced to change their name? No," Kooren continues. "What we are saying is that we should collectively, as a society, say that we reject the racism that these names convey."

In related news, the American Indian Movement is planning to protest the Redskins nickname on gameday with a march to the Metrodome and a rally outside the stadium.

To read the entire ACLU statement -- part of which makes a case why "Redskins" is racist while "Vikings" is not -- click to page two.

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