Anytime Fitness pays for employees to be tattooed with company logo; 1,200 have done it

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Anytime Fitness via Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
An Anytime franchise owner shows off his tattoo of the company's logo.
Are you a fan of tattoos (especially free ones) and looking for work? Then Anytime Fitness might be the employer for you.

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According to a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal report, the Hastings-based company pays for employees to be tattooed with its "running man" logo, and more than 1,200 have taken advantage of the offer.

An ABC report provides some background:
Founder and CEO Chuck Runyon said the tattoo phenomenon started nine years ago at an Anytime Fitness conference in St. Paul. An owner of one of the gyms said he wanted to get the company logo tattooed on him, and Runyon said he would reimburse him.

Anyone, including employees, can now get reimbursed by the company for a logo tattoo if they submit a photo of the tattoo and describe why they wanted the tattoo. The tattoos typically cost around $100, Runyon said.
"As much as it symbolizes the brand, it's not about us," Runyon told ABC. "I think they're thankful we helped them get [the tattoos], but it's really about them."

That's cool and all, but being adorned with Anytime's logo might turn out to be problematic if LA Fitness calls offering a better job, right?

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