Cam Winton concerned Hennepin County spent taxpayer dollars endorsing Andrew for mayor

Winton wants the state to look into whether Hennepin County is tacitly endorsing Andrew in a new taxpayer-funded video.
On Wednesday, Hennepin County's official YouTube account posted a video commemorating the 20th anniversary of the county's Community Works program, which was instrumental in creating the Midtown Greenway.

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One of the officials who spearheaded the effort to create the program was former County Commissioner Mark Andrew. Andrew, now running for Minneapolis mayor, gets a lot of positive face time in the video, which was released just weeks before the election. That, combined with the fact that current Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin has endorsed Andrew, has mayoral candidate Cam Winton crying foul.

Winton's concern is that Hennepin County may have spent taxpayer dollars on a video tacitly endorsing Andrew for mayor, and according to a Southwest Journal report, he's asking State Auditor Rebecca Otta to investigate.

"Intentional or no, the County's action strongly appears to be a use of taxpayer funds for a partisan purpose, i.e., supporting Mr. Andrew's candidacy by promoting his signature intiative at an essential time in the campaign," a letter Winton sent to Otto says.

"Commissioner Peter McLaughlin also appears extensively in the video," the letter continues. "Given that he is supporting Mr. Andrew in the mayor's race, I trust you'll look into this matter to ensure that no County official chose to turbo-charge their support for Mr. Andrew with taxpayer funds."

County Commissioner Gail Dorfman shares Winton's concerns. She told the Journal that the timing of the video "raises questions." (Dorfman backs Betsy Hodges.)

McLaughlin, however, denies there's anything untoward about the clip.

"Mark was treated the same as [Commissioner Mike] Opat and me -- original footage and reflections on the many successes," he told the Journal, adding that leaving Andrew "out of the story is like leaving Noah out of the story of the Ark."

If you're curious to watch it for yourself, here's the controversial video:

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More of the Same old Same old........professional Pols. I don't trust ANYONE of them! Especially if they've served on the Shifty "Met Council"....Where do these people come from? Jeezuz!


I don't have a preferred candidate for Mpls mayor. That said, the timing of this video seems at best poorly considered and potentially opens the county to liability, considering that the IRS looks closely at timing in proximity to the election and implied endorsement of candidates in determining whether or not an entity is electioneering. The fact that Peter McLaughlin also endorsed Mark Andrews makes the connection even more obvious. Intent doesn't matter; appearance does.

Why not just release the video after the November election? The whole thing smacks of political gamesmanship, and quite honestly I'm disappointed (though perhaps not surprised) by - again, in its most charitable characterization - this failure of oversight by the Hennepin County Board.


On the one hand, I have to admit, after watching this video I have positive feelings about Mark Andrew so yes... maybe it will have an affect on how I vote.  That being said, the only reason this video even came across my path was because Cam made a stink about it.  Double that: This video, although favorable, is not promoting Andrew for office in any significant way making the scandal a dirty election trick in itself so the only measurable affect of this whole fiasco is I will definitely NOT be voting for Cam Winton.  Slime.

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