Check out the improvised weapon someone tried to smuggle onto plane at MSP [PHOTO]

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Each week, the Transportation Security Administration publishes on its blog a rundown of some of the scariest and weirdest stuff people try to bring onto planes.

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One of the featured items this week comes courtesy of MSP. Someone apparently tried to sneak a Swiss Army knife on a flight by taping the damn thing to a disposable razor. (Check out a photo of the improvised weapon at the top of this post.)

According to the TSA blog, another MSP traveler tried to bring a stun gun onto a plane last week. Across the country as a whole, 39 people tried to smuggle guns onto planes. Thirty-two of them were loaded and seven even had rounds chambered.

These are things to keep in mind next time you're tempted to groan about airport security.

h/t -- Bob Collins

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