County Attorney Scannell charged with felonies for relationship with 17-year-old girl

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Tim Scannell
As we told you about earlier this year, Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell has been under investigation by former U.S. Attorney Thomas Heffelfinger for possible charges stemming from a sexual relationship he carried on with a 17-year-old girl.

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Today, Scannell was indicted on two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Heffelfinger announced the grand jury's decision during a news conference in Grand Marais but didn't provide any details about the evidence that led to the indictment.

Scannell is still Cook County's top prosecutor but is currently on indefinite medical leave. Each of the two counts carries a maximum sentence of a decade in prison.

For the complete, bizarre backstory of the Scannell controversy, read this post from April.

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

This is the same guy that was shot by a man outside the courthouse who he was prosecuting for inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.  That happened a couple years ago.  Irony...  I hear older men dating 15-17 yr old girls is a big problem up there.  

I know that part of the state is a democrat stronghold.   

Just saying...

Brie MacDougall
Brie MacDougall

It is not a relationship it is rape, but yeah. . . close enough, right?

swmnguy topcommenter

I'm not totally comfortable with our age-based laws regarding many things, including human sexuality.  But that's beside the point here.  This guy represents the power of the State.  He knows the law, and he'd sure put your ass in a cage if he thought his job required him to.  Heck, he got shot last year by a guy he put in jail for screwing a young girl.

As he has done to others, let it be done to him.  If only for the appalling hypocrisy.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@TheConservativeJerk Republicans like you helped hide pedophile Mark Foley.  That is a fact so don't bring up your weak made up bullshit.   

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy I tend to agree with you but I do wonder about the post traumatic stress issue.  I've known people with that and its a real disease.   I know it can lead to bizarre behavior including self destructive risk taking.   He should go to prison but I hope he gets some mental health help too.  

swmnguy topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann  That's a good point.  He needs to not be in that position any more, though.  Unfortunately, his kind have removed most of the therapeutic and constructive features of prisons, primping and preening and posing as "tough on crime" while creating legions of repeat offenders whose underlying ailments only get worse while the "tough on crime" types get votes.

I'd prefer most people get mental health help than go to prison, as a general thing, because I'm more interested in results than prancing around talking tough.  It's also a helluva lot more cost-effective.

So get this guy into a confined facility, sort out what his malfunction is, and get him into a more useful line of work, like using his law background to get people off the prison merry-go-round and into the psych treatment most of them need.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@swmnguy I think its a great shame on our country we don't do more to help criminals with their mental health issues.  If we are going to lock people in cages we should do more to help them become productive members of society.  Crime should be punished but a lot of crime stems from mental health issues.  That's why I'm a big supporter of Obamacare.  I think forcing health insurance companies to cover mental health spending it will do a lot of good. 

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