Flute teacher accused of molesting teen student posted creepy Facebook status

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Robert Ladwig
Robert Ladwig, a 29-year-old Coon Rapids resident, has been charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old boy who was taking a flute lesson from him.

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The incident allegedly occurred on June 27. According to the criminal complaint, around 4:30 that afternoon, the boy's father came home and was surprised to see Ladwig's car still in the driveway, as the lesson was supposed to end at 4.

The Star Tribune tells the story from there:
The father walked into the family room and noticed his son and Ladwig "sitting very close together on the couch." The two quickly moved apart.

Ladwig asked to stay and play video games with the boy, was told no and left.

That same night, the boy told his parents that Ladwig had a practice of rubbing the youngster's feet and worked his way up to the "groin area." The boy said that Ladwig's touching made him feel uncomfortable.
WCCO, citing the complaint, reports that the boy told police similar incidents had occurred previously during the three months he took lessons from Ladwig, typically starting with a massage and escalating from there.

This isn't the first time Ladwig has been accused of getting sexual with one of his students. From KARE:
Criminal records indicate he previously pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for an incident in 2011 where he kissed a young female student on the lip. Ladwig revealed to his ex-wife in 2011 that he had received counseling for his struggles with child pornography.
Days before the June 27 incident, Ladwig posted this creepy status on his Facebook page:


More ominously, a month after the incident occurred (but months before he'd be arrested and charged), Ladwig posted this:

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