Garrison Keillor voices amazing Honda optical illusion commercial [VIDEO]

Garrison Keillor has been lending his voice to innovative Honda commercials for quite some time now, but the new one truly must be seen to be believed.

Using forced perspective, the commercial pulls off a number of neat visual tricks, including making it look like the car can pass insubstantially through concrete pylons.

Keillor comes on at the very end, and is probably the least interesting part of the commercial-- but hey, he's a local treasure, and he's involved in something cool.

Seriously, just watch this:

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Thomas Zocher
Thomas Zocher

It is beautiful. London agency McGarryBowen teamed up with English director Chris Palmer of Gorgeous productions to put the video together. It doesn't say whether or not they employed the craftsmanship of forced perspective sidewalk artist Julian Beever or not, but if they didn't, they almost certainly were inspired by his brilliant work, which has really been on everyone's radar in the last couple of years.


How much did Honda pay you to post this?

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