Hopkins Dairy Queen customers pay it forward to tune of $700

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You never know what sorts of feel-good things are going to happen at this DQ.
Last month, Joey Prusak, an employee at the downtown Hopkins Dairy Queen, opened his own wallet to reimburse a blind customer who was robbed of $20 by a greedy woman.

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Prusak's spirit of altruism is apparently still alive and well at that very same DQ, where yesterday customers donated more than $700 toward free meals and treats.

As KARE 11 reports, it started yesterday afternoon with a $200 contribution from the family of the late Dr. David Dragotis. Dragotis was a regular at the Hopkins DQ and one of his daughters, Daphne Chapman, said she "thought it would be nice to honor him in a way he would love -- which was through ice cream."

A number of customers who came in and benefitted from the Dragotis family's generosity were inspired to give themselves, and more than $700 later, dinnertime had come and gone without anybody having to pay for their Blizzards, Buster Bars, or chicken strip baskets.

"It's a tremendous idea to continue his legacy," customer Don Froyd told KARE. "Everybody has got to look at what is being done and see what they can do to make things one step better for everybody else."

Perhaps it's no surprise Hopkins was recently rated as one of America's friendliest towns.

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John Stokke
John Stokke

and all that dumb bitch got was 20 dollars.


I still want to know who the dirtbag is who took the $20 and created this nationwide story. #TweetsAreYours



I really hope that nobody ever finds out.  Sure, she's a scumbag, but she doesn't deserve the wrath of the internet vigilante army taking it out of her hide a thousand-fold.

For all you know, she's already been back to the store to donate $40 back out of shame.


@_Joe_ Amen to that, Brother.  Today's Americanus Internetus just wants to see some sort of auto-da-fe.  If that woman has any connection to the outside world, and any sense of reality, she's already paid a Karmic debt far beyond some $20 bill.  And as you put it, maybe she's already kicked in $40 or more. I like to think that's true.

swmnguy topcommenter

@_Joe_  I hope you're right about the $40.  And I agree, I hope nobody ever finds out who she is.

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