Robert Tofstad pleads guilty to killing woman because his windshield was frosted over

Robert Tofstad
Earlier this month, 21-year-old Robert Tofstad received an unusual sentence after pleading guilty to criminal vehicular homicide for running over and killing 85-year-old Ruth Brendel in February 2012 in Winona while driving with a frosted-over windshield.

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While he's on probation for the next decade, Tofstad will spend 48 hours of the weekend closest to February 19 in jail in remembrance of Brendel's death.

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Moose dying in Minnesota at alarming rate; climate change cited as cause

This bull moose was photographed in Minnesota's Superior National Forest.
A New York Times piece published this week takes a look at rapidly declining moose populations across the country, with particular attention paid to Minnesota.

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Minnesota has two geographically distinct moose populations, one in the far northwestern part of the state and the other in the arrowhead. According to the NYT, both populations have rapidly declined in recent years. The one in the northwest "has virtually disappeared since the 1990s," the NYT writes, with that population dropping to less than 100 from 4,000. In the arrowhead, the number of moose is declining by 25 percent a year, down to less than 3,000 from 8,000 in the late 1990s. As a result, all moose hunting in the state has been suspended.

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Phyllis Kahn wants the state to restructure the MN Orchestra, sell the people half [UPDATE]

-- Updated with a statement from the Orchestra --

State Rep. Phyllis Kahn is drafting legislation that could establish community-ownership of the dysfunctional Minnesota Orchestra.

She's still working on the details. As it stands, the governor would oversee the creation of a new company, and that company would sell stock to raise the funds to buy the orchestra.

No individual or entity would be allowed to own more than five percent of common stock, and at least half the company would be reserved for community members, who'd be limited to owning one percent a piece.

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For more than a year now, the community has mostly sat silent while the musicians and the board carried on a labor dispute and public relations campaigns. Two weeks ago, the orchestra's celebrated music director, Osmo Vanska, resigned.

When asked how a potential restructuring of the orchestra would prevent a similar impasse in the future, Kahn responded, "I'm not a financial expert." But she added, "The major thing for this bill is to start a conversation."

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Minneapolis metro among the best places for starting over: study

Categories: How We Live, Lists
Study says we're prosperous and single. The first one must be a mistake.
Oh, the urge to just say screw it, screw you, I'm outta here. Ever get that? Well, you're in luck -- as long as you don't already live here.

Minneapolis was the only Midwestern city to make a recent list of the ten best cities for starting over. That's according to the folks at CreditDonkey, an education website that strives to make personal finance "donkey-proof," which is apparently market-speak for "easy to understand."

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City Council candidate Lisa Bender welcomes baby girl one month before election

Categories: Minneapolis
courtesy Lisa Bender for Ward 10 City Council
A very pregnant Bender.
Politicians are known to kiss babies. But Lisa Bender, the DFL-endorsed candidate running to represent Uptown-area Ward 10 on the Minneapolis City Council, has gone further: Just a month before election day, she had one.

This Sunday, Lisa and her husband, Ryan, welcomed their second baby daughter, Isabel Rose, at the Minnesota Birth Center. Think backwards here: All summer long, including those 90-degree days, Bender was knocking on doors while seven, eight, nine months pregnant.

"A lot of people were a little surprised to have a pregnant woman knocking on their door asking for their vote," Bender says, laughing.

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U of M alerts students about string of unusual assaults, robberies

Categories: Crime, U of M
The U of M was hit by an especially bold set of robbers over the weekend.
Yesterday, University of Minnesota police sent out a crime alert after four violent robberies occurred on or near campus during a four-hour stretch early Sunday morning. Those robberies were similar to six other incidents that have taken place since mid-August.

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The unusual thing about the recent robberies is that they often involve a group of suspects robbing a group of victims. Typically, robbers target people walking by themselves.

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Why the New York Post is wrong about Adrian Peterson

On the New York Post's website today is a teaser that says, "Son's death doesn't make Adrian Peterson a great person."

The link goes to a piece by columnist Phil Mushnick dressing down Adrian Peterson for having the temerity to play yesterday's Vikings game after learning of the tragic death Friday of his two-year-old son in Sioux Falls, who was the victim of alleged child abuse by the mother's boyfriend.

But the entire column is not just mean-spirited, but also wrong, and predicated on a widespread misunderstanding.

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Rev. Michael Keating, popular St. Thomas prof, allegedly abused 13-year-old girl [UPDATE]

Categories: Religion
Rev. Michael Keating
-- Update at bottom --

Today, lawyer Jeff Anderson plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of a woman who claims she was abused when she was a teenage girl by popular priest and St. Thomas professor Michael Keating.

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Keating, notified of the pending lawsuit over the weekend, has taken a voluntary leave of absence from St. Thomas, where he was teaching two classes this semester. He hasn't yet publicly addressed the allegations.

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Tom Emmer reports another $150k raised, $275k cash on hand

Olivia LaVecchia
Emmer kicking off his campaign in June.
Tom Emmer has gotten national ridicule over the past two weeks, but he's also gotten money -- lots of it, his campaign announced today.

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Jeff Wagner jerks off in latest campaign ad [VIDEO]

In his viral "Wake the fuck up" campaign ad, Minneapolis comedic relief dark horse mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner emerges from a lake wearing his undies. But that's downright G rated compared to his latest spot.

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In "Just A Normal Guy," Wagner plays the role of a jerk off -- literally.

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