Jeff Wagner abandons shoes in protest in latest campaign ad [VIDEO]

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That cigarette in Wagner's hand is paying for the new stadium.
Jeff Wagner announced his candidacy for mayor of Minneapolis with a video that went viral, racking up more than 581,000 views and gaining the spotlight on national networks like MSNBC. In it, he emerges from a lake wearing nothing more than spandex shorts, and proceeds to tell voters, "Wake the fuck up, Minneapolis!"

His latest video dropped last night, and it's just as awesomely weird. This time around, Wagner wears pants, but he doesn't keep all his clothes on for long: halfway through the minute-long video, Wagner gives the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority his shoes.

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The video opens with Wagner pulling off a flashy half-turn outside the Metrodome, and within three seconds, he's already brandished his cigarette at the camera and gotten out his signature, "Wake the fuck up."

Wagner explains that he's heading to a meeting about the city of Minneapolis "spending upward of $100 million for the Wilfs." (Quick fact check here: the city's actually on the hook for $150 million for the new Vikings stadium, and the meeting Wagner went to was about final contract details like the cost of seat licenses for season ticket holders).

Minneapolis isn't getting a thing for all this money, Wagner says, but now smokers like him are having to pay "like seven dollars and something for a [bleep] pack."

The video cuts to Wagner commenting at the meeting. "I'm completely pissed off," he declares. "You can keep my shoes, because basically you're just stealing from the people."

With that, Wagner drops his shoes on the table and storms out. "You know, this is a kangaroo show," he declares on his way to the door.

The video closes with Wagner standing, barefoot, in the fountain at the Government Plaza. Jeff Wagner: the mayoral candidate willing to walk around Minneapolis without shoes for you.

Check out the whole thing:

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I'd consider making Wagner my third choice despite his wacky campaigning and views on the new Vikings stadium.  However, he's not a Minneapolis resident - not yet at least.  And he is cheering for the Packers.  With that attitude, he might as well promote Wisconsin tourism and boost its economy instead of the city of Minneapolis'.


Jeff has $ to burn. He won a settlement against Liquor Lyles, from an incident where he was dropped on his head by a bouncer, as he was being thrown out. Apparently there was 'permanent brain damage.' 


I think this guy asked me for change once at a bus stop...

Dan Gustafson
Dan Gustafson

So far he's the not-a-politician choice. I want a public official who drinks and smokes at meetings and isn't afraid to say "fuck".

digitalprotocol topcommenter

well this guy is wasting his time and money... love his slogan  " wake the fuck up"

hes clearly some loony alcoholic with nothing to do

too many sleepers out there. fuck vikings stadium and that crook zygi wilf

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