Jesse Ventura appears on Howard Stern's radio show to plan presidential campaign [VIDEO]

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Jesse Ventura appeared on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday and discussed campaign strategy with the man he wants to be his vice president.

The interview started with Stern asking Ventura if he was really serious about them running for office together.

"Howard, I won't do it if you won't do it with me," Ventura maintained. "I need you to not have to raise money."

The reason has everything to do with a lesson Ventura learned while running for Minnesota governor.

"When I ran for governor of Minnesota I had a statewide talk radio show," Ventura explained. "Well, the FCC made me come off the air, and I went six months without any money or employment to run for governor. You don't have to come off the air."

"Because I'm on satellite," Stern interjected, meaning that he's no longer operating under FCC jurisdiction.

"We can use this show to win the election," Ventura boasted triumphantly.

Is Ventura serious about running for office with the Vice President of All Media? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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