Joey Patterson, man accused of beating AP's child, says his son is "my life" [UPDATE]

Joey Patterson
:::: UPDATE :::: Mourning for Ty, Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son who died as a result of child abuse

As we mentioned in our post about AP's "secret" Sioux Falls child, Joey Patterson, the man accused of brutally beating AP's son, has a public Facebook page (UPDATE -- AP's son has died).

In light of the charges he faces, one of the interesting things about Patterson's page is how outspokenly he repeatedly professes his love for his young son. In fact, in photo captions he characterizes his boy, who looks to be about the same age as AP's son, as "my life."

Here's posts Patterson has published this year (the boy's name has been blurred out):


A report in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader indicates the relationship between Patterson and the mother of AP's child was "fairly new." On his Facebook page, Patterson doesn't mention having children other than the son he repeatedly refers to, but his cover picture, uploaded on September 22, shows him holding hands with two boys:


According to his Facebook page, Patterson is a native of Kadoka, South Dakota. He attended Black Hills State University and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and currently works a number of jobs for companies like Organo Gold, Patterson Construction, and Great Plains Life.

Despite his posts about God and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, Keloland Television reports that Patterson is no stranger to getting in trouble with the law:
A check of Patterson's criminal background in South Dakota reveals nine pages of trouble.

Court documents reveal the 27 year old has been arrested multiple times on various charges. He was arrested in 2004 for violating a protection order, but that was later dropped by the prosecutor. A 2012 arrest for aggravated assault was also dismissed by a prosecutor. Patterson has served time in jail for Eluding officers in 2010. He was also sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to simple assault last year.
As of this afternoon, Patterson remains in custody in South Dakota. His bond has been set at $750,000. Meanwhile, the child he's accused of assaulting isn't expected to survive the day.

:::: UPDATE ::::

According to a report in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, the incident involving AP's son isn't the first time Patterson has gotten himself in trouble for beating up a young child, as he was charged with assaulting a three-year-old just last year.

The child involved in the 2012 incident shares the same mother as Patterson's own son, but isn't Patterson's child.

From the Argus Leader:
The woman took out a protection order against him in Lincoln County prior to his arrest, saying he had spanked her 3-year-old so hard for misbehaving in church that he needed ice for welts on his buttocks. When she got angry with him for it, she wrote, he made the children go to their rooms, pulled the shades, grabbed her by the throat and waved his fist in her face.

He stopped when their infant son began to cry. She also wrote that he had behaved violently in the past.

"He has threaten (sic) to kill me multiple times," she wrote.
Patterson was given a stayed one-year jail sentence in connection with that incident. He was also given a stayed sentence for violating the no-contact order barring him from communicating with the woman or her son (though he was allowed to see his own son).

Yesterday, a prosecutor asked a judge to revoke the terms of those stayed sentences, the Argus Leader reports. A hearing on that issue will be held October 30.

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