Josh Chitwood, filmmaker: "North MPLS is not a 'sketchy hood'"

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Screenshot from "Welcome to North," a short film by Josh Chitwood and Morgan Jensen
A short documentary film that will be featured in a local festival next month combats the stereotyping of North Minneapolis.

Josh Chitwood, one of the filmmakers involved, posted the film on Vimeo last week with the hope that "this piece communicates that north mpls is not a 'sketchy hood', but a neighborhood where families and myself live life together and have true community."

The film features a diverse ensemble of residents speaking over rich images of the area's brick-wall murals and parks and homes.

"You find what you're looking for," one old timer says, "and if you're looking for trouble you probably will find it. But if you're looking for goodness, and your mind is open to that, you're gonna find that."

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D.A. Bullock, a fellow filmmaker and northsider, called the three-minute film "beautiful."

Those who attend the Nov. 14 screening and award ceremony at the Riverview Theater are eligible to vote. A people's choice award will be handed out in addition to prizes from the festival.

Judge for yourself:

welcome to north// documentary film from Josh Chitwood on Vimeo.

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