Josh Freeman's concussion means Ponder's likely return: Top 10 tweets

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Nadine Babu on Twitter
Perhaps the Vikes should consider tweaking their logo again...
The Minnesota Vikings are the punchline of the NFL.

Late this morning, coach Leslie Frazier announced that because Josh Freeman is experiencing concussion-like symptoms, Christian Ponder will likely start at QB when the Vikings play the Packers on national TV on Sunday night.

In other words, weeks after they apparently gave up on Ponder for good and days after Freeman unleashed one of the stinkiest passing performances in NFL history, fans will get another opportunity to boo Christian this weekend. Fun times!

Anyway, as has frequently been the case during this so-dysfunctional-you-can't-make-it-up season, the latest Vikings news inspired thousands of humorous 140-character rips on Twitter. Here are the funniest we've seen:

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. For the top 5, click to page two.

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Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton

Thank Ponder not the haters He is the one falling on his face not the fans they just want a leader not an unqualified youngin who cant seem to calm down or concentrate


I love the Vikings, but I sure can't stand that distinctive breed of talk-radio Vikings fans.  As Nathan Conley says, they've stampeded the Vikings' brass into destroying the team.  When a team is scoring around 30 points a game and losing because they give up 34, the #1 problem is not the QB.  I'm not saying Ponder is a great, or even good, NFL QB.  But the Vikes have been rotten this year because of the back 7 of the defense; putrid linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties.  

Unfortunately for all of us Purple fans, management is doing exactly what Twins management did in 2010-2011.  Their billion-dollar stadium heist of public dollars was so unpopular they panicked and did whatever their most vocal fans wanted in the hopes of winning now, to get the billion-dollar goodies.  So the Twins gave Mauer an untenable and untradeable contract, traded Wilson Ramos for Matt Capps, neglected the farm system, and stopped trying to improve their starting pitching (which was the team's actual weakness).   The Vikings tried to mollify the Ponder-haters by bringing in Cassell, and then going after Freeman, when they should have made Winfield an offer he couldn't refuse and picked up absolutely every single LB, CB and S on the waiver wire after week 2.

So now the Vikings have 4 current and former QBs on the roster, and not one of them has the confidence to play an NFL game, thanks to the Vikes' idiotic pandering to the talk-radio/website commenting crowd.  I hope they all feel better about forking over 5-figure seat licenses now.

Nathan Conley
Nathan Conley

Thanks Ponder haters for turning a competitive team into a shit show

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