Kenwood neighborhood in Minneapolis on list of 10 great places in America

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Home on Kenwood Parkway that was used in establishing shots of the Mary Tyler Moore Show
City and regional planners with the American Planning Association have put the Kenwood neighborhood in Minneapolis on its list of "Great Places in America" for its mix of "urbane architecture and scenic vistas."

"Its residents have a deep appreciation of their neighborhood's history and assets and just as strong a desire to honor and protect them," the APA website explains.

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To back up that claim, planners highlighted Kenwood's history of scrutinizing any plans to disrupt the natural landscape. One notable example was the opposition to converting the water tower -- now a landmark -- into condominiums.

The latest source of contention is a proposed light rail station next to Kenwood Park. Planners were impressed by what they saw as the neighborhood's concern to keep the design consistent with the surroundings while mitigating light and noise pollution and traffic.

Other neighborhoods that made the APA's list:

  • Chinatown, San Francisco, California
  • Downtown Norwich/Chelsea Landing, Norwich, Connecticut
  • Downtown Decatur, Decatur, Georgia
  • Central Street Neighborhood, Evanston, Illinois
  • Downtown Mason City, Iowa
  • Historic Licking Riverside, Covington, Kentucky
  • Beaufort Historic District, South Carolina
  • West Freemason, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Williamson Marquette, Madison, Wisconsin

One thing Kenwood has that these neighborhoods don't? That's right: the house used in the establishing shots of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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k2yeb topcommenter

Who is going to pay for these light rails that are hugely expensive? Oh wait, you say us....oh.  

Matador Ebner
Matador Ebner

Ha.......what a joke!! Of all the places in the U.S., Mpls top 10?

Shawn Clark
Shawn Clark

isn't that the House from Mary Tyler More show ?

Tim Burkhardt
Tim Burkhardt

I was in that house... I drank beer in that house (1978).

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

I lived in the dumpiest duplex there and I loved its burchs parking lot

Wini Von Bago Johnson
Wini Von Bago Johnson

there is NO NEED for light rail in Kenwood because its within walking distance to Hennepin and Lyndale Ave. and just about everything else in Uptown. Light rail would ruin an otherwise peaceful neighborhood!

k2yeb topcommenter

@Wini Von Bago Johnson Progressiveness at its worst. The government is like a college freshmen with 20 credit cards and a job that pays minimum wage. 

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